یک نمونه cue card آیلتس همراه با پاسخ

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یک نمونه cue card آیلتس همراه با پاسخ

یک نمونه cue card آیلتس همراه با پاسخ

Describe situation when a child made you laugh

You should say: who the child was

  • (when and) where it happened  
  • what he or she did to make you laugh
  • and explain why you laughed.



One of my best friends has a 3-year-old baby girl; so every time we went out, she would take her with us.

Her little girl is such a witty kid, and she is always full of energy. As she begins to be aware of the outside world, she asks a lot of questions just to satisfy her curiosity.

It happened one day when we went out shopping. While her mother and I took turns trying clothes on, she was sitting quietly on the bench. Then she looked at me and her mother and started to express her opinions on our clothes.

The way she talked was so funny that we couldn’t stop laughing. She was so used to playing with her Barbie doll that she suggested we should dress like one of her dolls.

She even taught us how to walk like models because she thought that was pretty.

All the customers who walked in the store noticed her, even the store owner couldn’t stop laughing at her since she was still a baby girl, but she talked and acted like a grown-up

That was probably the best part of the shopping trip that I will never forget.


  • witty: [adjective]  able to say clever and funny things

Example:  Everybody laughed during the lesson, because the teacher was so witty.

  • satisfy her curiosity: [verb phrase]  to have an answer to a strong wish to know about something

Example:   My answer did not satisfy his curiosity, so he asked me for more details about what had happened.

  • trying clothes on: [verb phrase] to put on clothes to see if they fit and if they look good

Example:  Try these clothes on before you buy them to make sure that they are the correct size.

  • models: [noun]  people whose job it is to wear and show new styles of clothes

Example:  The dream of many young people is to become fashion models and appear in magazines.

  • grown-up: [adjective]  typical of an adult

Example:  The child was used to being treated in a grown-up way by his parents.

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