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تمرین لیسنینگ: Study_Skills

در این بخش یک نمونه سوال لیسنینگ در زمینه ی Study Skills برای شما ارائه کرده ایم. به فایل صوتی گوش داده و سعی کنید به سوالات چند گزینه ای موجود در پایین فایل پاسخ دهید.

فایل صوتی: Study Skills



1- What are the TWO main reasons why students have trouble remembering information for tests?

A) stress

B) nerves

C) lack of time in the test

D) lack of planning

E) lack of preparation

2- Which TWO relaxation techniques are NOT recommended by the speaker?

A) breathing deeply

B) counting backwards

C) closing your eyes

D) visualizing a relaxing image

E) counting slowly

3- Which TWO habits can parents help their children with?

A) eating properly and getting enough sleep

B) organizing their study schedules

C) buying the right study guide

D) breaking the exam down

E) cramming


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