IELTS test in Brazil – July 2017 – Academic Module

(IELTS test in Brazil – July 2017 (Academic Module


آزمون آیلتس در برزیل
آزمون آیلتس در برزیل

Speaking test


?What is your full name
?Can I see your ID
?Where are you from
?Do you work or study
?What do you do
.Let’s talk about your home
?Where do you live now
? Is it a house or an apartment
?Do you like it there
?Do you think of moving out in the future? Why
?What kind of house do you like
?Why is that
?What size of home do you need
?What style of interior decoration do you prefer
?Why do you like it

Cue Card

Talk about a married couple you know well, who inspire you. Please say

?Who are they
?How did you meet them
?What is their secret of happy marriage, in your opinion


?What is the ideal of good and happy wedding
?Has the age of people getting married changed, compared to the past
?How do people celebrate weddings in your country
?Many people spend a lot of money on big weddings. Why
?Is the size of families now and in the future going to change
?Do you think children should have an influence on the family size
?Are they able to make this type of decisions


Listening test

.Section 1. A woman got a job and was calling the company to receive more information
.Questions: filling in blanks

.Section 2. Description of a park map, including cycling routes, buildings in the area and meeting points
.Questions: filling in blanks, multiple choice, map labeling

.Section 3. An academic lecture about caves, bats, rats, what they eat and where they live

.Section 4. About salamanders and their classification


Reading test

.Passage 1. About spaceships and astronauts
.Questions: multiple choice, match headings to paragraphs

.Passage 2. About art in New Zealand
.Questions: multiple choice, True/False/Not Given

.Passage 3. Don’t remember


Writing test

(Writing task 1 (a report

We were given three diagrams describing different solar panel types. The first type was being used for power, the second type to heat the air, and the third for water heating. We had to summarize and explain what the main differences are in their performance

(Writing task 2 (an essay

Some people believe that success is about hard work and determination. Others think that success has connection with money and personal appearance. Discuss both of views. Give your opinion and some of your own experiences

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