IELTS Speaking Part 1: Age همراه با پاسخ

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IELTS Speaking Part 1: Age همراه با پاسخ

1) Are you happy to be the age you are now?

Yes, I’m quite happy at my current age, although I wouldn’t mind going back to when I was younger. It would be nice to relive some of my memories from childhood.

2) When you were a child, did you think a lot about your future?

Not really. I remember thinking about the near future – about exams and things in the year ahead – but I didn’t worry too much about adulthood.

3) Do you think you have changed as you have got older?

Yes, in some ways I’m a completely different person now, compared to when I was younger. I think my personality has changed quite a lot, and I’m more open and relaxed.

4) What will be different about your life in the future?

Who knows? Hopefully, my life won’t change much over the next decade or so, but after that I can’t really imagine or predict.


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