تجربه آیلتس اسپیکینگ فرانه

تجربه آزمون آیلتس

تجربه آزمون آیلتس فرانه از زبان آموزان درخت جاویدان در بخش آیلتس اسپیکینگ

مركز آزمون: ايرسافام، شنبه ٢٩ مهر ماه ٩٦
ممتحن: آقاي مطهري

Part 1

In the first part he asked me about transportation and buses and what can government do to improve them and things like that. And he kept asking me “why?” Which was a bit annoying since I had to think a lot to say something more than what I already had said.

Cue Card

In the cue card part I had to describe a company or organization that is very big and successful where I live (how big it is, how many people work there and what it does). I talked about Snapp and I think it went well.

Part 3

In the third part he asked me about jobs in the society and young people not having careers and what can government do and what the applicants can do to improve their resume. And then about employment and retirement of older people to make room for younger forces.

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