IELTS Speaking Tests May 2017 Questions & Answers


IELTS Speaking Tests May 2017 Questions & Answers

Part 1

?What is your full name-
?Can I see your ID please-
?Do you work or study-
?Where are you from-
?Where do you live-
?Do you live in a house or apartment-
?What do you like about your apartment-
?Have you ever been interested in a famous person in history-
?Have you ever visited a historical place? Which place was it-
?Do you like watching videos about history-

Part 2

.Talk about a wish that it took you a long time to accomplish
:You should say
,what it was-
,why it took so long-
,when this was-
.and explain how you felt when you finally accomplished it-

Part 3

?How important is it to have goals in life? Why-
?Do you think that young people today set many personal goals-
?Are the goals people have nowadays different from those people had in the past? In what way are they different-
?What would be some good measures to encourage the younger generation to set and pursue their goals-
?Which skills are important to help people pursue and achieve their goals-

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