IELTS Speaking test in Uzbekistan – June 2017


IELTS Speaking test in Uzbekistan – June 2017

IELTS test in Uzbekistan
?What is your full name-
?Can I see your ID-
?Where are you from-
?Do you work or study-
? What part of the country are you from-
?Do you think your town is a good place to live-
?Why do you think so-
.Let’s talk about dreams-
?Do you remember your dreams when you wake up-
?Do you like to hear about other people’s dreams-
.Let’s talk about children-
?In what cases parents are proud of their children-
?Do you think even little babies can make their parents proud-
?Do you think school studies benefit young children-
?Is school time important? Why-
Cue Card
Describe a situation when you were proud of your family member. Please say
?Who is he/she-
?What did he/she do-
?How did you feel about it? Why-
?Did you tell anyone else about this event-
?When are adults proud of their work-
?Do you think any person in any job can be proud of their work-
?In your county do most people feel proud of their work-
?Why is this feeling so important-

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