IELTS Speaking test in Taiwan – July 2017


IELTS Speaking test in Taiwan – July 2017


?What is your full name
?Can I see your ID
?Where are you from
?Do you work or study
?What do you do
?Do you like your job
?Where do you live now
?What kind of house or apartment would you like to live in, in the future
?Do you like jewelry
?Do you wear jewelry often
?Why do people keep jewelry for a long time


Cue Card
:Describe a piece of clothing that you like. Please say
?When and where did you buy it
?What garment is this
?Why do you like it so much


?What is the difference between men’s and women’s fashion
?Why is that
?What is your opinion about the green trend (the use of recycled materials) in the fashion industry
?What is the impact of fast fashion trend on people
?Should we judge people by their looks
?Why or why not

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