IELTS Speaking test in Iran– August 2016


IELTS Speaking Test in Iran– August 2016

?What is your full name-
?Can I see your ID-
?Where are you from?Do you work or study-
?Where do you live now-
.Describe the place where you live, please-
?Is there any public transport near your home-
?What is good or bad about this place-
?Do you like advertisements? Why-
?Would you buy something because you saw it in an advertisement-
?What do you think about online advertisement-
Cue Card
Talk about money-saving techniques that you use. Please say
?What is your plan for saving money-
?How do you enforce it-
?When did you start this saving plan-
?Would you recommend this way of savings to others? Why-
?Who should encourage children to save-
?Is it good to teach children to save? Why-
?How would you encourage your children-
?What are the effects of wasting natural resources-
?How can technology help in saving natural resources-
?How can the government control usage of natural resources-

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