نمونه آزمون آیلتس، آوریل 2019، هند

آزمون آیلتس، آوریل 2019، هند

نمونه آزمون آیلتس، آوریل 2019، هند

در این صفحه، دو بخش اسپیکینگ و رایتینگ آزمون آیلتس، آوریل 2019، هند ارائه شده است:


-Part 1:
The usual personal question like what’s your complete name and where are you from; then directly to the topic:

– How do you go to work?
– Do you consider taking any other transportation?
– When you were a kid, how did go to your school?
– What is the interesting thing about going to school?
– What will motivate you at work?
– What are the qualities of a good colleague?
– Is it difficult to work with a friend?

-Part 2:
Tell about someone you enjoyed working or studying with.
You should say:

who the person is,
when did you meet the person,
and why do you enjoy working/studying with the person.

-Part 3:

– Is it good to have a leisure area in your work?
– What will be its benefit?
– Is it possible to have it in your current work.



Letter to a Manager about the book you order online but you didn’t received until now? Give the details of the order , why do you need it now, and what do you want the company do.


Some people say that it is the responsibility of the residents to maintain the clean and tidy street while others say it is the government officials. Discuss the different views and what is you opinion.

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نمونه آزمون آیلتس، می ۲۰۱۹، بریتانیا

نمونه ی آزمون آیلتس، آوریل 2019، امریکا

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